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This page provides a summary of all of my major projects to date which have been programmed using Game Maker.

The Game of Inevitable Frustration (2009-2010)
The Game of Inevitable Frustration (GIF) is a 2D platformer game that was initially created by Trevor Sparks. I became involved with its programming after a few weeks of development. This was the first jointly-developed Ginever Alliance project, and it helped to build my team working skills.

My main role in this project was to implement a “best time” system, whereby the player’s progress to the end of each level is timed, and they can attempt to beat their previously set times by re-playing levels. I also programmed the information bar and the progression saving system.

The game has been publicly released and the reception was encouraging. There are plans to develop a sequel in C++ (using GinENGINE) in the near future.

The latest version of GIF can be downloaded from Click to download

Spellmaster Classic (2010)
Spellmaster Classic is a program designed to help people play the Magic: the Gathering collectible card game over a long distance. It makes use of card graphics stored in an external folder and displays them in a board-like layout to the user. It is possible to keep track of several basic game play elements such as lives, counters, and attachments. Because it was designed to be a utility program (rather than a game) it does not feature any networking functionality.

Spellmaster Classic currently sees widespread use in the Ginever Alliance, which has prompted the development of a sequel in C++ (Spellmaster II).

The latest version of Spellmaster Classic is 1.1 GB in size. The recommended way to download it is therefore to use a Mercurial client such as TortoiseHG. Point your client at the following URL and perform a clone operation: Fetcher (2010-2012)
The Fetcher was built as an extension to the Spellmaster series of programs. It downloads both card graphics and data from the website, converting them into a format that can be understood by either Spellmaster Classic or Spellmaster II (whichever is appropriate).

Fetcher makes use of the 39DLL extension to accomplish this goal.

The latest version of Fetcher is automatically downloaded when you perform a clone operation on the public repository for either Spellmaster Classic or Spellmaster II. It does not need to be downloaded separately.

AudioLoop, the Music Loop Point Finder (2008-2009)
AudioLoop, also known as the Music Loop Point Finder, was a utility program built using Game Maker in June 2008. The primary objective of AudioLoop was to help the developers of Crimson (see below) calculate and test audio loop points without having to continually rebuild and relaunch the game. It made use of the FMOD Ex sound system. AudioLoop was only ever used in-house and was never publicly released.

AudioLoop was updated several times between June 2008 and August 2009 as developers and testers requested extra features. When limitations with Game Maker hindered the development of new features, the decision was made to rebuild the program in a more appropriate language. This objective eventually resulted in the development of Athena in 2010.

Crimson RPG Engine (2007-2010)
Crimson was a project led by the forerunner to the Ginever Alliance. The main objective of the project was to build an RPG engine in Game Maker. It was inspired by the Pokémon franchise. Crimson made heavy use of Game Maker extensions, featuring both online communication (using 39DLL) and a looping OGG vorbis soundtrack (implemented using FMOD Ex).

After being in development intermittently for just over two years, control of the project was transferred to the Ginever Alliance, where it was cancelled.

Despite the fact that this project was ultimately a failure, I feel that it is still significant to my history as a programmer. While working on Crimson, I learnt a number of key programming concepts, including how to use data arrays, programming libraries, and the FMOD Ex sound system. Crimson was also directly responsible for the development of AudioLoop and the client-server design of the Ginever Alliance user account system. The sound system built into GinENGINE is heavily based on the music manager originally featured in Crimson.

Other Notable Work

The following is a summary of previously completed Game Maker projects which are notable, but extremely outdated. They are listed solely because of their historical significance, and are not a good representation of either my current programming abilities or my current level of mental discipline. Further information about these projects can, if warranted, be found on the Ginever Wiki.

B-Cool Breakout (2006-2007)Wiki article
In 2006, I released a breakout clone called B-Cool Breakout which was developed in partnership with Michael Denny. An improved Deluxe version was released the following year in 2007. The final version of game featured 25 levels, a level select system, varying music per level, and a high score table.

Dude: the Robot (2004-2007)Wiki article
Between late 2004 and early 2007, I developed a crude space-themed game called “Dude: the Robot”. The objective was to collect doughnuts while dodging enemies.

Chopper (2003)Wiki article
In 2003, I helped my brother to develop a crude side-scrolling shooter called Chopper which was later released on a Farsight Productions demo disc. This was the first project that I completed in Game Maker and the first serious released program that I ever worked on.

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