About Me

I am a software developer from Wolverhampton, currently studying final year of Computer Games Programming at Teesside University. I have experience in a wide range of programming languages, including C++, C#, Java, Objective-C, Erlang, Python, HTML, PHP, SQL, and HLSL. I also have extensive knowledge of Game Maker and its built-in programming language GML, which I used before studying programming at university.

My primary outlet for my programming skills is the Ginever Alliance, a non-profit unincorporated association that I founded in 2009, which brings people together from all over the world to work together on online projects. I am both the executive director and the lead developer for the Alliance, and as a result it provides a creative outlet for my programming abilities, while giving me valuable experience in business management, team building, and time planning. I have worked on a variety of different projects for the Alliance (in various languages) including a 2D games engine, a media player, a client-server communication system and a set of mods and plugins for Minecraft.

As well as being a programmer and business director, I am also a musician. I have been playing trombone since September 2000 and currently hold Grade 5 in both practical and music theory. I enjoy both composing and performing as part of a larger group, and previously toured with youth bands in Paris, Dublin, Catalonia, New York, Boston, and Slovenia.

My primary long term goal is to turn the Ginever Alliance into a profit-making business, developing a range of fairly-priced programs and services to meet the needs of consumers.

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